ISMANAM meeting
Warsaw University of Technology

RQ17 and ISMANAM27 Abstracts

The Participants willing to present their contributions in the form of oral presentations or posters are requested to submit their abstracts for acceptance. The abstracts will be evaluated, and the ranking list will be drafted by the group of reviewers.

The abstracts should be prepared in the MS Word format (.doc or .docx) or Rich Text Format (.rtf) according to the template: RQ17_abstract_template.doc. Should a Participant not be able to prepare the file in the preferred format, the abstract may be submitted in pdf format. The filename should follow the rule: "surname_initial(s).doc", for example "Smith_J.doc" or "Kim_SH.docx".

The abstracts should be sent by e-mail to the address: , and the preferred form of presentation (oral or poster) should be indicated in the e-mail. Since there will be a limited amount of time for oral presentations during all sessions, the Organisers may have to transfer some presentations to poster session. The selection of the contributions to be transferred will be based on the ranking list. The authors of the contributions changed to poster form will be notified upon information of acceptance.

The deadline for submission has been extended 30th April 2023 due to the requests of many potential participants. For the abstracts submitted after this deadline, the Organisers reserve the right to shift the contributions to poster session at their discretion, if there is no time available for the oral presentation.

No more than one abstract per Participant is allowed.

Submission of an abstract is not equivalent to registration to the conference. In order to attend the conference, Participants should fill in the Registration form.

Download RQ17_abstract_template.doc